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Medical News Today: 'We have what it takes to break AIDS epidemic,' says UN report

A UN report celebrates and gives examples of the progress in tackling HIV/AIDS but also shows how far many countries are from the goal of ensuring everyone with HIV gets treatment.

25 Nov 2015, 15:00
Medical News Today: Mosquito-borne chikungunya virus causes severe brain inflammation

Mosquito-borne virus chikungunya can cause encephalitis, leading to disability and death, especially in infants and over 65. One locally transmitted case has occurred in the US.

26 Nov 2015, 12:00
Medical News Today: Novel arthritis treatment possible with new discovery

Researchers have found that 'microvesicles' - tiny particles released by cells - can penetrate human cartilage, a discovery that could lead to new treatments for arthritis.

26 Nov 2015, 21:00