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Medical News Today: Gene within gene drives acute myeloid leukemia, says new study

A study of the gene BAALC and the smaller gene miR-3151 embedded within it finds the smaller one is the major driver of acute myeloid leukemia and not its better-known host.

23 Apr 2014, 14:00
Medical News Today: Stem cells show bizarre absorption property 'not seen before in cells'

Researchers have found that stem cell nuclei demonstrate an unusual, counterintuitive property never seen before in cells - auxeticity - where stretching causes them to expand.

22 Apr 2014, 14:00
Medical News Today: Our cognitive skills decline from the age of 24, but there is hope

A large social experiment using the online strategy game StarCraft 2 observes that reaction times diminish in players from the age of 24 - but experience does count for something.

19 Apr 2014, 11:00