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Medical News Today: Breastfeeding may protect against inflammation and heart disease in young adulthood

Lower birth weight or having been breastfed for less than 3 months is linked to higher levels of a biomarker for inflammation, heart and metabolic disease in young adults.

24 Apr 2014, 14:00
Medical News Today: Children with IBS have higher prevalence of celiac disease

Researchers have found that, compared with other types of abdominal pain, IBS in children is linked with a much higher prevalence of celiac disease, a heritable condition.

22 Apr 2014, 19:00
Medical News Today: Paving way for virus-like DNA nanodevices that diagnose disease and make drugs

A nanodevice - inspired by how viruses make themselves invisible to the immune system - has successfully completed its pilot mission, paving the way for smart DNA nanorobots.

23 Apr 2014, 19:00