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Medical News Today: Obesity associated with ADHD in females

Obesity and ADHD have been found to coincide in females, says a new study that has followed participants from 1976-2010, suggesting a need for greater awareness of the risks.

4 Feb 2016, 21:00
Medical News Today: Model shows cancer's birth and spread from single cell

Using a model of melanoma plus a fluorescent tracer, scientists image live zebrafish over time to visualize the origin and spread of cancer from its birth as a single cell.

4 Feb 2016, 15:00
Medical News Today: Saliva may provide early test for Parkinson's disease

No test as yet can detect early-stage Parkinson's disease, but a salivary gland biopsy procedure could provide an accurate and timely diagnosis.

5 Feb 2016, 12:00