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Medical News Today: Angelina effect: health news of celebrities 'has long-term effects for public health care'

After Angelina Jolie's announcement of a double mastectomy after testing positive for a BRCA1 gene mutation last year, researchers say genetic testing referrals more than doubled.

19 Sep 2014, 11:00
Medical News Today: Choose wisely: spouse's personality impacts your career success

Is your partner conscientious? If so, you are more likely to achieve success in the workplace, according to a recent study published in Psychological Science.

19 Sep 2014, 19:00
Medical News Today: E-cigarettes 'not helping cancer patients to quit smoking'

Despite an increasing number of cancer patients turning to e-cigarettes to aid smoking cessation, a new study suggests that they could be having little effect.

22 Sep 2014, 11:00